Ukraine War: Sky journalists shot at by ‘Russian Death Squads’

A GROUP of British journalists narrowly escaped with their lives after being repeatedly shot at by what they described as ‘Russian death squads’.

A Sky News team came under fire by Russian troops on Monday, with one camera operator taking two rounds to his body armour, and another wounded.

Footage published by journalist Stuart Ramsay shows the group in a car stopping after they heard a bang they presumed was an explosion beneath the bridge they were travelling on.

Shortly after stopping, their vehicle comes under heavy fire by Russian troops.

In his report Mr Ramsay said: “Ukrainian people are being attacked from the air, the artillery, from ground troops and tanks, the debris of this war litters every street, but the government has warned for days of Russian saboteurs that have infiltrated the country to bring terror.

“Death squads who are attacking civilians in their cars as they flee.

“They do exist as we found out.”

A brief halt of the gunfire allows the journalists to think troops have made a mistake, but despite identifying themselves as journalists several times, gunshots continued to be directed at their car immediately after.

It left the team in a life-threatening situation which they had to escape immediately.

In a bid to flee for safety they take their chances and run away from the car and down an embankment while still being shot at.

They thankfully made their way to a local garage to take refuge while planning out what to do next.

Mr Ramsay was wounded in the incident but everyone managed to escape with their life after being picked up by local police and taken to temporary safety.

Sky News said: “Their experience illustrates the scale of the mayhem and violence as Russia’s invasion enters a new and deadlier phase.”

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