Ukraine-Russia war: How can I help Ukrainians

AS the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its sixth day, many organisations have taken action to sanction Russia. 

Scots have also been finding ways to help Ukrainians themselves – here is how you can help. 

Charities to support amid Ukraine conflict: 

A number of charities have launched appeals since the conflict first started last week. 

The British Red Cross has also launched an appeal following the “intensification of fighting in Ukraine”. 

Donations will go towards ensuring access to food, water, first aid, medicines, warm clothes and shelter for those in need. 

You can donate here

United Help Ukraine is committed to helping those on the front line as well as residents forced to abandon their home. 

The organisation distributes donations, food and medical supplies to both refugees and Ukrainians who remain in the country amid the ongoing war.

You can donate here.  

A number of Scottish organisations have also concentrated their efforts on supporting Ukraine. 

Charity Glasgow the Caring City has shipped off essentials, including blankets and footwear in a 40-tonne lorry to Poland. 

The charity has set up an appeal to raise £10,000 with plans to send further aid in the coming days.

If you can afford to help, you can donate here

Ukraine donation centres near me: 

Scots have also launched a number of charity collection efforts across the country.

In Glasgow, locals have set up a collection point at the India Temple by Kelvingrove Park which will be welcoming donations of items throughout the week. 

The Edinburgh Ukrainian Club will be open accepting donations to the Ukrainian Community Centreon 14 Royal Terrace. 

Check your local charities to see if donations points have been set up in your area. 

Contact your local MP

Support more UK action in the conflict by writing to your local MP. 

To find your MP, visit the UK Parliament website on www.members.parliament.uk/members/Commons and type in your postcode or address.

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Support local journalism

Local journalists have been on the ground covering the crisis from the very beginning of the conflict. 

You can support publications such as The Kyiv Independent and The New Voice of Ukraine by visiting their websites. You can also donate to the Kyiv Independent on their website. 

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