Tory MP Adam Holloway ‘should not have travelled to Ukraine’, Downing Street says

A TORY MP who travelled to Ukraine to witness the conflict should not have done so, Downing Street has said.

Adam Holloway, MP for Gravesham, appeared on Nigel Farage’s show on GB News last night and confirmed he had gone to Poland before crossing the border into war-torn Ukraine.

HeraldScotland: Screen shot of GB News' Nigel Farage programme on Feb 28, 2022. Image: Youtube/GB NewsScreen shot of GB News’ Nigel Farage programme on Feb 28, 2022. Image: Youtube/GB News

The MP, who is a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said he had visited a McDonalds on the Polish border yesterday, and it was full of people. 

He said: “I woke up right on the Ukranian border in south east Poland and I went to McDonald’s.

“The McDonald’s near the border was packed with women and children and a few elderly people.”

He then said he “went up the road a couple of miles and I crossed over into Ukraine”.

Mr Holloway, who served in the army for five years and used to sit on the commons Defence Select Committee, continued: “Then really quite extraordinary scenes of thousands of women and children queuing at the border – men separated, foreign men separated, some of them have been living in these corralled areas in the border posts for four days and nights in the cold.”

Mr Holloway described the scene at the Ukraine border as “the mother of all traffic jams”, adding: “It went on for about 20 miles – I mean thousands and thousands and thousands of cars.”

Asked whether he should have gone, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “I am not aware of that specific MP but our travel advice to everyone is against travel to Ukraine.”

Asked if he should come home, the he added: “You should certainly not travel to Ukraine.”

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