The Unspun Cancel Culture of the Year Awards 2021

Denouncing public figures for real or imagined slights against Millennial shibboleths has become as much a part of celebrity life as the allocation of honours at showbiz award ceremonies. So, here are the inaugural Unspun Cancel Culture awards.

JK Rowling. Was cancelled at least twice in 2021. Nixed from the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter movie and by the International Quidditch Association (yes there is one). She had objected to experts saying “people who menstruate” instead of “woman” in health advice.

Margaret Atwood. The feminist author of the Handmaid’s Tale joined JK Rowling in the dock in October when she asked: “why we can’t we say ‘women’ any more?”. Answer: because it’s transphobic.

Professor Kathleen Stock. The feminist philosopher was the highest profile academic to be cancelled in a bumper year for offences against woke. She had to stand down from Sussex University after an aggressive “anti-TERF” campaign by students.

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