SNP must back down over authoritarian emergency powers grab

IT appears Nicola Sturgeon is rather impressed by Boris Johnson’s philosophy of ‘cakeism’. The Prime Minister notoriously – and to all our detriment – says that when it comes to cake as a political metaphor, he is both pro having it and pro eating it. The First Minister seems to agree.

The SNP government wants to make its emergency coronavirus powers permanent. The plan has rightly been labelled a ‘power grab’. One could go further and say the notion stinks of authoritarianism – something not unheard of within the SNP.

There’s clearly rank ‘cakiest’ hypocrisy here. The SNP is forever complaining – often with good reason – that Westminster is out to ‘grab powers’ from Scotland. The Sturgeon government, though, appears quite willing to grab powers from the Scottish people that it should leave well alone.

That’s not the only ‘cakeist’ principle on display, though. Nicola Sturgeon is winding down Covid restrictions – yet she wants to retain emergency measures which can be used to constrain the lives of citizens. 

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