Sleeping difficulties? Two foods you should avoid

Two foods in particular have been highlighted by experts for impacting your ability to sleep.

If Onions and tomatoes feature regularly in your diet and you struggle to get to sleep at night, this could be why.

Onions and tomatoes affect your ability to sleep

Onions can cause issues with your digestions system with the ability to create acid reflux issues and in turn affecting your sleep.

The same warning applies for tomatoes.

Eating onions regularly can increase likelihood of heartburn which can create reflux when you lie down.

The Sleep Association said warned: “Onions create gas as they move through your digestive system.”
They added: “That gas affects the pressure within your stomach, which can send acid back up your oesophagus, especially when you’re lying down flat.

“Sadly, both raw and grilled onions have this effect.”

HeraldScotland:  Onions and tomatoes could be affecting your sleep. (Canva) Onions and tomatoes could be affecting your sleep. (Canva)

What foods to eat for better sleep

Due to the fact onions and tomatoes take longer to digest than others which can keep you up all night.

It’s worth considering other foods that act as more natural sedatives.

Nuts are considered to be good foods for promoting sleep including almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews.

For those who enjoy a warm drink at night, camomile tea could also boost your chances of nodding off at a reasonable time.

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