Sir Tom Hunter: It’s time for the Scottish Government to act on industry advice

Earlier this year we asked several industry leaders to opine on how to grow Scotland’s economy, critical for post-Covid recovery, jobs and for funding our welfare state.

We submitted those incisive papers to the Scottish Government alongside our report in May and, as we await the publication of its ten year economic strategy, we publish several of them with our partner The Herald this week.

If ever there was a time for Government to work hand in hand with the entrepreneurial community on growing the economy it is now. It must be tired of hearing it but listening to industry is one thing, acting on its advice another. Let’s see if it does.

Our nation is small, should be agile and can work as one for the common good. The only means of paying for our health, education and care systems is by generating jobs and income; it is time to act and act fast we must together, to deliver those jobs and world-leading businesses.

The best social policy ever written is a decently paid job. Opportunity must prevail for all our citizens; to deliver that opportunity we need an economic strategy underpinned both by pragmatic policies and an education system fit for purpose that will drive growth and support entrepreneurial businesses. All of the authors are as one in saying this – we are here to help Scotland, all you need do is ask.

We stand ready, willing and able to help Scotland flourish.

Sir Tom Hunter is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist

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