Scots roots inspire eco-friendly bamboo loo paper rolled out at holiday estate

WHEN Chris Forbes headed off from his home in Scotland to set up in business in London, the connection forged with the nature around the village he left behind remained with him.

Now the entrepreneur has taken this inspiration into his working life, setting up a company that makes products like toilet roll that are sustainably produced from 100 per cent bamboo.

And his line of goods has now truly gone back to his roots in Kenmore, the Perthshire village where Mr Forbes lived, as Mains of Taymouth Country Estate & Golf Course at Kenmore has now announced that it has strengthened its own eco-credentials by providing Cheeky Panda toilet roll in all of the estate’s holiday homes.

General Manager of the estate, Pauline McLaren, revealed that, as well as helping the estate lower its carbon footprint, they liked the connection the product has with the area.

She said: “The founder of Cheeky Panda, Chris Forbes, who set up this company with his business partner, Julie Chen, lived in Kenmore for many years before he moved to London to set up in business.

“We’re a small community here, so many locals will remember him. He was very friendly with our estate owner, Robin Menzies. We’re all thrilled for him that he has done so well for himself with this company, and we are happy to support him and his workforce through our custom.

“Plus, we are always trying to be as eco friendly as possible in the business. Toilet roll is something that we certainly use a great deal of, so it was top of the list for sourcing a greener supplier.

“It’s good to know we are using something completely biodegradable. The products are fantastic, sitting well with our eco credentials, which also include becoming one of the first holiday estates in the area to have electric vehicle charging stations on-site.” 

Other products in the Cheeky Panda range include baby and hand wipes, tissues, hand towels, and even drinking straws.

Ms McLaren added: “”We’re currently looking at stocking some of The Cheeky Panda’s other products, such as the hand towels, in the near future. We want to do all we can to be as green as possible on the estate.”

As well as containing no plastic packaging, products such as the wipes, which were recently voted Product of the Year, are fully biodegradable. 

Other plaudits for the company include becoming the first tissue company in the UK to be vegan registered by The Vegan Society, and being listed as a Certified B Corporation, an accreditation which means that they have met the highest standards of social and environmental impact.   

It’s an impressive roll call for the firm, which aims to float on the stock exchange.

Mr Forbes said his toilet rolls are made entirely of bamboo – the fastest growing plant in the world, that grows up to one metre a day, suited to toilet roll as it is naturally hypoallergenic, soft and absorbent.

He said: “I look back on my time in Kenmore with fond memories.

“Loch Tay, together with the forests and mountains gave me a deep connection with nature and this is certainly one of the reasons I am so passionate about an environmental brand. 

“It’s very nostalgic to see it used in my old village and I still have a lot of love for Kenmore, Highland Perthshire, and Scotland.”

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