Review: Princess Smart Glass Panel Heater

Good points?

The glass aesthetic looks similar to a TV or large tablet and fits well in spaces with contemporary decor. It can be utilised as either a portable device using the supplied feet or be fixed to a wall for permanence.

An in-built touchpad controls the appliance and is simple to operate, while the large display font is easy to read, even from across a larger room.

This model utilises convection rather than radiation to heat and circulate the air which negates the need for a fan and runs silently.

HeraldScotland: Princess Smart Glass Panel HeaterPrincess Smart Glass Panel Heater

The benefit of this method is that it reduces the necessary time required to create detectable warmth as it heats up its surroundings. This means you will feel an almost immediate difference in a chilly room.

Like all good modern home appliances, the heater comes with an app that enables a variety of powerful features such as scheduling, temperature regulation and a lock to prevent small children activating the device.

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Compatibility with most popular home assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google is enabled so you can move a single device across multiple platforms.

Bad points?

The 2,000-watt unit measures 47 x 96.5 x 13cm (18.5 x 38 x 5in) and weighs 7.2kg (15.2lbs) which requires significant effort to move.

Best for …

Those who want to pre-heat or regulate the temperature of an extension, garage or conservatory without central heating.

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Avoid if …

The intended room is large or has high ceilings as it could take a while to adequately heat.

Score: 8/10.

Princess Smart Glass Panel Heater, £119.99 (

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