Ottawa Freedom Convoy: Scottish anti-lockdown supporters hold Edinburgh solidarity march

Anti-lockdown protestors have held a rally in Edinburgh in solidarity with Canadian truckers dubbed the ‘Ottawa Freedom Convoy’.  

A group of sympathisers drove from Glasgow to Edinburgh where they met with other demonstrators at Holyrood Park.  

Despite pouring rain and strong winds, the group held a march and rally, carrying signs opposing furure lockdowns and other anti-Covid measures.  

The protest was in support of a group of lorry Drivers in Canada who are opposing plans to introduce mandatory vaccine passports for hauliers crossing the border with the US. 

Similar protests are have been organised in other countries. Former President Donald Trump is said to be among the drivers’ supporters.

In today’s Scottish protest, around 30 vehicles took to the M8 this morning. A video posted on Twitter showed the convoy was being led by a Police Scotland motorcycle. 

The footage – shot from a bridge over the motorway – includes cars and vans tooting their horns as the onlookers cheer. The tweet claims traffic had been slowed to 40mph. 

David Clews, Lead Correspondent for ‘Unity News Network’, told the Daily Express: “We are opposed to the global tyranny that is currently taking place, we’re out supporting what is going on in Canada and Australia. 

“We still have major issues in the UK, especially in Scotland, but primarily, today is to show solidarity with the people in Canada who have been demonised and attacked, who are just standing up for freedom.” 

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