Omicron pubs Scotland: What are the new rules for the hospitality trade?

Nicola Sturgeon has outlined measures to head off an incoming wave of Covid infections as a result of the highly-contagious Omicron variant. 

As well as new guidelines for supermarkets and household mixing, businesses have been advised to roll back the clock to the eralier days of the pandemic. 

The idea is to prevent people directly interacting face-to-face, and to limit the amount of people gathering in one place.

What is new current advice?

Scots have been urged to limit socialising to a maximum of three households at a time. 

However, this measure is only advised and therefore not required by law. 

This would mean an end to large gatherings of friends, or events such as Christmas parties — with Government advice already in place to cancel these.


What will this mean for pubs and restaurants?

It is likely pubs and other vienues will have to adopt measures designed to keep people apart. These could include limits on the numbers of people allowed in at one time, mandatory distancing between tables — likely to be two metres — and strict enforcement of track and trace procedures.  

Mask-wearing will also be encouraged when moving between tables and staff will have to be protected appropriately.

The First Minister said: “For hospitality, it will mean, for example, measures to avoid crowding at bars and between tables, and a reminder of the requirement to collect contact details of customers to help with contact tracing.”


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