Nicola Sturgeon update today as Scotland’s Covid rules eased further

The First Minister is set to deliver her address to MSPs on the state of the pandemic, after guidance around home-working was eased across the country yesterday.

Ms Sturgeon’s latest coronavirus update in the Scottish Parliament last Tuesday paved the way for a phased return to the office from Monday. 

However, she urged employers not to call workers back en-masse and to phase in a return to the workplace over the coming weeks and months.  


The new advice recommends that employers should consider implementing ‘hybrid working’ – with workers splitting time between the office and at home. 

Last week, Ms Sturgeon said: “Instead of recommending home working whenever practical, the new guidance will pave the way for a phased return to the office. 

“It will recommend that, from Monday January 31, employers should consider implementing hybrid working, following appropriate guidance, with workers spending some time in the office and some time at home.” 

However, Ms Sturgeon added that, at this stage in the pandemic, a “mass return” is “likely to set progress back”. 

What time is Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid update?

According to the Scottish Government website, the First Minister will give her update shortly after 2pm at Holyrood right after topical questions.

How can I watch Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid update? 

The Covid update will be streamed on the Scottish government’s social media channels.

It can also be watched on their official TV website.

And we’ll bring you all the updates on our website.

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