Neil Mackay: There will be no rest until Putin is dead or in the dock

THERE will be no peace in Europe until Putin is either dead or in the dock. Russia’s dictator is waging war against civilisation, against the very notion of hope for a better century. He has set himself up as a new Hitler, and for this to finish, he has to meet the same fate: death or justice.

We’re in a new Cold War, an Iron Curtain has again fallen, and the west must win. If we don’t the future is too dark to contemplate. Although a vast swathe of the Russian people are entirely innocent of the atrocity unfolding in Ukraine, their nation must suffer for the actions of its leader. Russia must be broken, in the hope that by breaking the regime economically and rendering it a pariah state on the world’s stage, brave and decent Russian people will rise up and drag Putin from power. We’ve seen already the courage of many Russians protesting, at the risk of dire personal consequence. 

Every economic sanction available needs deployed – now. Cripple Russia’s economy by cutting it off from the Swift global banking system. The delay by EU leaders – specifically Germany – on this crushing retribution is morally intolerable. Germany must remember its own history in Ukraine and pay its debt to the Ukrainian people.

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