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Golf and Scotland are inextricably linked. It’s a treasured part of our culture and a reason that so many people will be planning to return to Scotland after a devastating couple of years for travel.

There are so many vital elements in planning a successful and memorable group golf trip that leaving it to one individual in the group is expecting far too much – and there’s really no need.

What GHW Golf Tours, with Director Derek Anderson, brings is something that only his 17 years of experience in the industry can offer. Deep knowledge, superb contacts and passion.

It offers groups from across the world the most complete golfing experience, as well as a superb taste of Scotland.

As authorised providers for St Andrews Links, GHW Golf Tours can offer guaranteed tee times on the hallowed Old Course, as well as other major courses around the country. From airport pick up to drop off, groups can play the world’s finest and most famous links, parkland and heathland golf courses.

“All golfers are keen to play the Old Course, and we can arrange that,” says Derek Anderson. “But many, particularly returning groups, want to play one of the lesser-known courses and that can only come with knowledge of superb courses that might not appear in basic searches.

“We have more than 550 courses in Scotland and many groups will want to play several while they’re here. That’s where we can step in. We can plan those routes, and make sure that when it comes to courses, we don’t miss those hidden gems.”


With such a passion for everything that Scotland has to offer, GHW Golf Tours can offer experiences that take in the very best of everything we have to offer. In fact, even non-golfers will find so much to inspire and entertain them.

“The knowledge and contacts I gained during the first few years in the industry were invaluable when GHW Golf Tours was established in 2009,” says Derek Anderson.

“It was clear that we could offer a much more rounded experience than just providing the best possible golfing experience. This is Scotland. Look at everything we have to offer. I knew that we could create bespoke packages for every group, no matter their budget.”

GHW Golf Tours can offer personally tailored packages to major golfing events, historic excursions, distillery tours, whisky tastings, castle visits, loch cruises, shooting, fishing and so much more.

Talking with one of GHW’s Golf Tour consultants will show just how much is on offer. More importantly they listen and only offer a carefully curated tour. There’s nothing straight out of the box. Everything can be looked after. All you need to do is relax and concentrate on your game.


The level of detail even runs to working with a company called Ship Sticks. “This means that golfers don’t have to take their clubs on the flight. There are instances where clubs can go astray in transit. Golfers are rightly precious about their own clubs and when they have to use rented clubs, it really takes away something from the experience. So we can have the clubs ship to the first hotel, then they’re picked up at the end and transported back. It makes a huge difference.”

It’s the care over those details that makes groups return to GHW Golf Tours.

“Our drivers are much more like a concierge service. If you need a recommendation or where to locate a restaurant or a gift, they’ll know.

“We can even provide helicopter transfers. When we’ve done that from St Andrews to East Lothian, the group has had the most spectacular view of flying over the Old Course, over the bridges and down to East Lothian. An amazing experience in itself.”


It’s this level of attention to detail that led to the opening of a US office only two years later in 2011, and located in Boston.

“Perhaps it was having the Boston office, but we did find that the most inbound business was coming from America. But we have groups from Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Sweden. Even as far as Australia and Asia. This year we have a large group of Nigerian golfers coming over in May.”

GHW Golf Tours also offers the same service to golfers looking to play the best courses across Ireland.

“There are groups who only want to play championship courses and have a full luxury experience. Others are looking to play courses in one area, maybe the Highlands and islands. So we are constantly looking out for the best new experiences. No matter the budget, we can create the bespoke tour with memories that last a lifetime.”

If there’s a fear of those memories fading, GHW Golf Tours can even organise a photographer or videographer to make sure that everyone gets a lasting record of the trip. That can be just shots taken on the 1st and 18th tee or candid shots and video can be taken throughout the round. Again there’s complete flexibility and the service can suit every group.

“I’m looking forward to welcoming golfers back to Scotland from around the world. We couldn’t have groups over for about two years, but I’m optimistic that groups will be looking to visit and enjoy not only the golf but everything Scotland has to offer.”

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