Law to force Boris Johnson to reveal police fines to be introduced by Scots MP

A LAW to force the Prime Minister to reveal whether he receives any fines from the police is to be introduced to the Commons today.

Alistair Carmichael, Liberal Democrat MP for Orkney and Shetland, said he was bringing forward the Ministerial Disclosure Bill to ensure the public are told the truth about partygate.

It will be presented in the Commons around 2pm, and will be debated in several weeks time before MPs decide whether to approve it. 

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Mr Carmichael has also written to the parliamentary expenses watchdog IPSA, asking if it will ensure Mr Johnson does not use any taxpayer-funded expenses to pay for any fines which he could receive from the Met.

According to the Liberal Democrats analysis, Mr Johnson could receive as much as £12,300 in fines if he was found to have attended all the gatherings he is reported to have, and if they are found to have breached covid regulations by the Met. 

Mr Carmichael’s intervention comes after Downing Street was forced to u-turn yesterday on whether it would reveal if the PM or anyone else had been fined by Scotland Yard. 

Initially Mr Johnson’s official spokesman would not confirm if the public would learn of any penalties given to the PM, however a few hours later conceded that “hypothetically” it would disclose if the Met did fine Mr Johnson. 

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Mr Carmichael, the LibDem home affairs spokesman, said the vague assurances were not enough.

He said: “First Boris Johnson lied about the lockdown parties – now he’s refusing to tell the British public whether he broke the law.

“It shows he holds the British public with deep disdain and is taking them for fools.”

He said that while such a law has never been needed in the past “we’ve never had a leader as shameless as Boris Johnson”, adding: “He not only flouts the laws he asked us all to follow, but then repeatedly lies about it.”

Mr Carmichael continued: “Conservative MPs have no excuse – they know that this man is not fit for public office.

“They should back my Bill so Boris Johnson is forced to come clean. If Johnson is found to have broken the law and fined by the police, he will surely have no choice but to resign.” 

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