Issue of the day: Boris Johnson tops 2021’s funniest moments

AS the pandemic continued, 2021 turned out to be another challenging year. It seems, however, that many of us were still able to raise a smile, thanks in part to perhaps a surprising source – Boris Johnson.

The PM made us smile?

It’s certain he made many experience a range of emotions that are likely, in a number of instances, to be unfit to print in detail in these pages, but according to a new survey, he did manage to make us laugh, as images of him at Peppa Pig World have been voted the nation’s funniest moment of the year.



More than a third of us (39 per cent) found the pictures of Johnson’s visit to the amusement park in the New Forest National Park in Hampshire – based on the children’s animated television series, Peppa Pig – the most hilarious event of the last 12 months, as photos showed the PM – there with his one-year-old son – riding fairground rides and sitting in toy cars. He then escalated the matter by calling Peppa Pig World “my kind of place” at the Confederation of British Industry meeting.


What else made us laugh?

According to the research from the Beano of what exactly tickled our funny bones in 2021, images of a US attorney who was unable to remove the cat filter on his Zoom call came in a close second (32%). The lawyer, Rod Ponton, was representing the state of Texas in a hearing but could not remove the filter, which displayed a kitten instead of his face, forcing him to clarify to the court: “I’m not a cat.”


The laughs kept on coming?

In third place on the laugh meter was the ‘Caterpillar Cake Wars’ on social media, with 29% saying the row sparked by Marks and Spencer’s lawsuit over the similarity of Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake to M&S’s Colin cake, culminating in Cuthbert being arrested during the Aldi Christmas advert this festive season.


Anything else?

Other funny moments were actress Miriam Margolyes ‘expelling wind’ on This Morning and BBC reporter ‘Phil McCann’ reporting on the fuel shortage from a petrol station forecourt as the Beano. Meanwhile, actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s declaration that she ‘went totally off the rails’ by ‘eating bread’ during the pandemic, caused Brits to chuckle. In fact, two thirds of Brits (65%) said they believe the pandemic has made it easier to find humour in life and appreciate the small things, with 79% saying they laughed more this year than last.


What’s it all about?

The Beano said they commissioned the research to raise the nation’s spirits as the pandemic continues. Mike Stirling, Editorial Director of Beano Studios, said: “There have been so many things that have lifted the nations spirits this year, from sporting successes to massive LOLZ moments, it’s absolutely brilliant to sit back and look at all the moments we’ve laughed at together as a nation. We hope this list raises a few smiles and spirits as we look back on the crazy year 2021 has been!”

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