Irn-Bru to stop supplying Russia after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

IRN-BRU will no longer supply orders to Russia in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

AG Barr, the producer of Scotland’s national drink, holds a licensing agreement with Russia’s Moscow Brewing Company. Irn-Bru is reportedly Russia’s third best-selling soft drink.

However, according to AG Barr, sales of concentrate to the Moscow Brewing Company – which produces the drink in Russia – are infrequent and make up less than 0.1% of overall turnover.

The company said there would be no further orders fulfilled to Moscow “given the actions of the Russian state”.

The decision comes after the Scottish Government wrote to businesses across the country urging them to review and then sever their links to Russia given the circumstances.

Finance and Economy Secretary Kate Forbes sent the open letter asking firms to show solidarity with Ukraine.

Ms Forbes said: “We all have a moral duty right now to consider what else we can do to try to stop Putin’s aggression, including via economic action.”

She praised the “commendable corporate values” of firms which have already acted.

She added: “Beyond direct investments, reviewing operations for links and connections to Russia – however indirect – and then severing them is the right decision.

“I welcome the effort being undertaken right now by businesses across Scotland to do exactly that, and encourage them to continue to conduct this work at pace.”

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