Home Office Glasgow: Extinction Rebellion protestors blockade building

An Extinction Rebellion protest has blocked the front entrance to the Home Office building in Glasgow.

The activists locked themselves to each other and to the property’s gates in Brand Street from about 7am today.

The protesters, from XR Scotland and XR Glasgow, are calling on the UK Government “to end its hostile environment policy towards migrants​​​”.

They said the demonstration has been organised in response to Home Secretary Priti Patel’s Nationality and Borders Bill passing through the House Of Commons.

Pictures at the scene show the protesters with messages on equipment and banners stating “Refugees Welcome”, “End the Hostile Environment” and “Climate Justice = Migrant Justice”.


One 67-year-old protestor, who gave his name as Shane, said: “The UK’s heartless hostile environment policy routinely denies migrants their human rights, preventing access to employment, healthcare, housing and other basic services.

“The world’s richest 10% are responsible for half of global emissions compared with the poorest half emitting only 10%, yet it will be the communities least responsible that are forced to flee their homes on a scale never seen before as the climate crisis escalates.

“The hostile environment must end, there can be no climate justice without migrant justice.”

The Home Office has been approached for comment.

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