Glasgow firm Akari Solutions helping make offices safer

A part remote, part-office schedule has been hailed as the future of work.

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said earlier this week that the government will continue to recommend hybrid working for the foreseeable future to reduce coronavirus transmission risks.

Now, a Glasgow firm has come up with a solution for staff who are nervous about coming back to busy offices.

Akari Solutions has developed technology that allows employees to check how many colleagues are in the workplace before booking a desk or meeting room.

The company say it is essential that employers are able to offer a safe environment for workers.

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With many firms downsizing to smaller offices, space is likely to be at a premium and the YourSpaces app allows employees to book a desk or meeting room for an allotted time. 

Despite only launching the technlogy last year, Akari has landed a number of major clients including Canon, which is rolling the technology to 16,000 employees across Europe.

A number of Scottish local authorities have also expressed an interest in the app.

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Lindsay Climson, Commerical Director and one of the company’s founders, said: “I think everyone is trying to get their head round how to come back to the office safely. 

“People are very cautious about Covid.

“Everyone is having to make decisions about what works well for them and what doesn’t and doing it at different paces, so there isn’t that big bang approach and it’s how employers manage that.

“A lot of companies have given up property and downsized. The allows employees to choose where they want to be and when.

“The app can show you that the office has 84 per cent capacity on certain days and you could book a parking space or a specific desk.”

She said the app would also be strategically useful for companies, enabling them to track how many workers are using the office, minimise risks at peak times and plan for the longer term.

It would also allow people with disabilities attending a meeting or interview to check a building is fully accessible.

Glasgow Disability Alliance said there were “many cases” where people were invited for interviews in buildings which they are unable to enter.

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