Edinburgh Ukraine protest: Scots tell Putin ‘loud and clear’ to end invasion

Hundreds of protesters have marched through Edinburgh as part of a demonstration against Russia’s ongoing military attack on Ukraine.

Demonstrators marched from the Russian Consulate in the city to the Scottish Parliament to make clear their opposition to the invasion.

Since Russian troops went into Ukraine early on Thursday, Scotland has seen a number of protests against the military action of President Vladimir Putin’s Russian regime.


Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine was among those taking part in the protest in the Scottish capital – which is twinned with Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, where some of the fiercest attacks have been.


Signs were pained in the blue and yellow of the Ukranian flag.


Ms Jardine said: “All over Europe people are sending the clearest of messages to the Russian government, to Putin, to say this is not acceptable.

“The people of Ukraine deserve better, the people of Kyiv deserve better and here in its twin city of Edinburgh we are sending our message loud and clear.”

Demonstrations against the war also took place in other cities across the UK and in Europe.

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