Deanston bakery: Glasgow-based Ukrainian baker launches fundraising effort

A Ukrainian baker in Glasgow has praised the “phenomenal” support from Scots and his local community after he launched a fundraising drive to help those caught up in the conflict in his homeland. 

Yuriy Kachak said he felt “helpless” as news of the Russian invasion unfolded and decided to use his skills to do what he can to help people affected.

He will open Deanston Bakery in Shawlands, Glasgow on Sunday March 6, when it would normally be shut, to host a findraising sale of breads, cakes and treats he has baked along with home baking donated by local people.

All proceeds raised on the day will go to help those affected by the war in Ukraine, with the money likely to be shared between various charities.

Sign of posterThe popular Deanston Bakery is in the Shawlands area of Glasgow (PA)

Mr Kachak said: “We’re opening this Sunday to raise funds for Ukraine.

“I felt a bit helpless when it all started so I thought that there’s a lot of things I can’t do but this is a thing I can do, I can help people out.

“So we’re opening on Sunday, doing the things we have every day, we have buns, bagels, Eastern European honey cake.

“I’ve also asked local businesses who would like to join us and the response has been phenomenal, a lot of companies and people will bake from home or take part in other ways, we’re very grateful to all those who have spread the message.

“We also will be selling raffle tickets. 

“We hope it’s going to be good weather, we’ve set up tables outside and we hope to have a great day and raise lots of money.

“All 100% of sales will be going to Ukraine.

“It’s not about us as a business, it’s about people getting together and raising funds to help those who need it.”

Mr Kachak, who is from the Ivano-Frankivsk region in western Ukraine, has lived in the UK for 19 years and moved to Scotland four years ago.

He runs the popular Deanston Bakery with his wife Svetlana, who is from Latvia, and his mother and brother also work there.

While his close family are in the UK the father of two is shocked and angry about what is happening in his homeland, where he still has distant relatives.

Mr Kachak, who lives in Clarkston, East Renfrewshire, said: “My first reaction was shock and disbelief, I just could not believe it was actually happening but the more the days go on it turns to anger.

“There is anger because this should not be happening.”

He added: “Where we are from it’s not as bad as in eastern Ukraine but people are very very scared.

“Where I come from there have not been active gunshots but people are directed to shelters all the time, in the evening people aren’t allowed to use any lights, they are in total darkness, a lot of them are spending their time in the cellar.”

He urged people to come along and support the event.

Deanston Bakery at 167 Deanston Drive in Glasgow, will open at 11am on Sunday March 6 for the sale and will stay open until everything is sold.

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