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Davie Provan weighs in on Kris Boyd’s Callum McGregor face mask comments on Celtic vs Rangers clash

DAVIE PROVAN has weighed in on the ongoing saga over Kris Boyd’s comments on Callum McGregor.

Former Rangers striker Boyd had referenced the Celtic captain’s protective face mask and the fact it ‘wasn’t tested’ in his Scottish Sun column.

McGregor donned the safety mask as he played in the 3-0 win over Rangers with a fractured cheekbone.

Boyd’s comments sparked outrage amongst Celtic supporters with the club releasing a statement stating the matter would be addressed.

Ibrox favourite Boyd later released an update in a bid to add “context and clarification” to his comments as he insisted he wasn’t suggesting McGregor be targeted by Rangers stars saying that was “absolutely and unequivocally NOT the case”.

Now, speaking on Go Radio, Provan has joined the debate over the comments as he stated he would not condone any action to further injure McGregor intentionally.

But he equally stated that he wouldn’t give McGregor any special treatment because of his facial injury.

He said: “What I would say, is in my time if there was an Old Firm game and a Rangers player was playing with a mask, there is no way we’d be treating him any differently.

“We’d be making sure he knew we weren’t going to do him any favours because he had a mask on.

“You would want to put a physical pressure on him, you would want to take advantage of any possible weakness in an Old Firm.

“Having said that… I would certainly not want to see anybody suggesting that somebody should’ve come and smashed Callum McGregor, for example, or tried to hurt him, or make the injury any worse.

“I certainly would not condone that.”

Boyd initial comments had read: “Look at Celtic. Callum McGregor played with a fractured cheekbone.

“The fact he managed to get through the 90 minutes without anyone testing out that face mask is another story, but his commitment to the team was tremendous.”

A Celtic statement then stated: “With regards to comments made by former professional footballer Kris Boyd concerning Callum McGregor’s injury, we can confirm that the matter is currently being addressed by the club.”

Boyd’ later comments in the Scottish Sun added:  “I think it’s right that I add some context and clarification to a reference I made about Callum McGregor.

“Some have taken that line to mean I wanted one of the Rangers players to intentionally try and hurt the midfielder.

“However, that is absolutely and unequivocally NOT the case.

“It was simply meant as a criticism of the Rangers players for their failure to get close to McGregor.”

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