Covid Scotland: Vaccine data shows wide uptake gap between most and least deprived areas

Half of adults in the most deprived parts of Scotland have had three doses of Covid vaccine – compared to more than seven in 10 people living in the most affluent communities.

Public Health Scotland’s latest coronavirus report reveals disparity in vaccination uptake.

As of January 30, 71.3% of those aged 16 and above living in the least deprived communities had been triple jagged.

However in the most deprived parts of the country, this only applied to 51% in this age group.

Dr Nick Phin, director of public health science and medical director at Public Health Scotland, said: “The data continue to show disparities in uptake of the vaccine offer by socio-economic grouping.

“Booster coverage is worst in the most deprived areas.”

The same report also shows a wide variation in vaccine take-up amongst different ethnic groups.

As of January 30, 71.4% of those who are white and aged 16 and above had had three doses.

Amongst the African community only 24% of those 16 and older had had three jags, while uptake in the black and Caribbean community was 37.3%.

Just over half (52.3%) of over-16s in the Asian community had had their third vaccine by January 30.

The Public Health Scotland report noted: “For all age groups, uptake for third or booster dose is highest in white ethnic groups.

“For all age groups, except for 40-49 and 50-54 years, uptake is lowest in African groups. In these two age groups uptake is lower in the Caribbean or black group.

“The difference is most apparent in the 80+ age group where uptake is 95.4% for the white ethnic group and 63.5% for the African ethnic group. A difference of 31.9%.”

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