Covid Scotland: NHS Grampian sorry over out-of-date vaccines at Stonehaven centre

More than 40 patients in the north east of Scotland have been given out-of-date Covid jabs, according to reports.

NHS Grampian admitted that a total of 42 people who attended Stonehaven Vaccination Centre on February 1 had been given a vaccine which was 48 hours past the expiry date, the BBC has reported.

All patients affected are aged 12 and older.

The health board added that despite being past the expiry date, it believed that “the doses administered are safe and will still protect”, however those affected are being offered another jab if they want one.

It added that its “investigations to date suggest this was an isolated incident and no other centres are affected”. 

An NHS spokeswoman told the BBC: “We believe the doses administered are safe and will still protect.

“However, there is a very small possibility of reduced effectiveness, therefore we are offering re-vaccination if those affected want this. 

“We are contacting them directly to apologise and to offer them this, according to their personal circumstances.”

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