Now that we’re well into July, we can only expect one thing – and that’s some decent weather.

Whether you’re jetting abroad or staying put, it’s always nice to soak up the sun.

And it seems this month we could have a heatwave – however that is a very big ‘could’ according to some experts.

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Taking to TikTok to explain what’s going on, a Met Office forecaster cleared up exactly what we can expect to happen in the UK.

The forecaster explained: “Have you heard there’s a heatwave this July? At the moment that’s a very big maybe.

“This week it is going to get warmer by the weekend. We could be in the mid to high 20s for some but there’s nothing unusual about that in July.

“It’s next week where temperatures could go up a notch but – and it’s a pretty big but – at the moment there’s a lot of what we call spread.”

Showing an example of a weather chart he continued: “We run the computer model several times so you don’t just get one temperature for each day, you get several – that’s the spread.

“The spike at the top is suggesting that one or two computer models predict extreme temperatures but many are suggesting temperatures are close to average. The most likely scenario is the fat bit in the middle where temperatures are above or well-above average but not extreme.

“We really are talking a long way ahead here and for these long-range forecasts, there’s more probabilistic way of looking at things or an ensemble forecast as they’re known, which can be much more useful than just looking at one weather forecast that can chop and change day on day.”

Met Office: Glasgow’s five day weather forecast


Dry, bright this morning with some sunshine. Clouding over this afternoon with some patchy rain developing across west Argyll, spreading eastwards this evening. Westerly winds freshening later. Maximum temperature 18 °C.


A cloudy night with outbreaks of rain. The rain will be most persistent and heavier across north Argyll. It will be a mild night with strengthening westerly winds. Minimum temperature 12 °C.


Cloudy with further outbreaks of rain and misty conditions, especially over Argyll and the Clyde Coast. Rain will become light, patchy during afternoon with drier weather developing. Strong westerly winds. Maximum temperature 16 °C.