MORE than 32,000 people attended the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace near over the weekend, according to figures released by the three-day event’s organiser.

A partnership between Stable Events – the operator behind the Scottish Game Fair – and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) has generated £150,000 for the charity to help fund scientific research into Scotland’s most endangered species, including capercaillie, lapwing, and salmon.

Next year’s gathering, one of the biggest events in the countryside calendar north of the Border, takes place from Friday 30 June to Sunday 2 July.

In the meantime, enjoy these photographs from the fair, taken by Sandy Young.

Scottish Game Fair - Elite Falconry

Roxanne Blyther of Elite Falconry with Pebbles the martial eagle (Simon Young Photography)

Scottish Game Fair - Simon Whitehead of Pakefield Ferrets

Simon Whitehead of Pakefield Ferrets gave demos throughout the weekend (Sandy Young Photography)

Scottish Game Fair - pipers resting

Pipers resting during the three-day festival (Sandy Young Photography)

Scottish Game Fair - fly fishing demonstrations

Fly fishing demonstrations were as popular as ever (Sandy Young Photography)

Scottish Game Fair - Balmoral Estate

Balmoral estate won the Fred Taylor Memorial Trophy for Working Hill Ponies

England won the Four Nations International Gundog Competition (Sandy Young Photography)

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THE Queen’s Balmoral Estate is among seven recipients of Wildlife Estates Scotland (WES) accreditation.

The international award recognises the estates’ and farms’ ongoing work in wildlife management and conservation.

Together, the seven estates cover nearly 170,000 acres.

WES accreditation needs to be renewed every five years.

Glenlyon Estate in Perthshire received its maiden accredition during the Scottish Game Fair last weekend.

Six estates were reaccredited:

  • Balmoral Estate on Deeside;
  • Candacraig Estate in West Aberdeenshire;
  • Dougarie Estate on the Isle of Arran;
  • Glendoe Estate near Fort Augustus;
  • Sorn Estate in East Ayrshire;
  • and Tulchan Estate in Moray.

The award marked a busy weekend for Balmoral Estate, which also won a hill pony competition at the Scottish Game Fair.

Chair Dee Ward said: “WES accreditation is a meticulous process that asks those in charge of managing land to strive for the highest standards of wildlife and conservation management.

“These farms and estates are undertaking exceptionally important work, benefiting our environment and biodiversity.

“It is pleasing that this work, often undertaken at significant cost to businesses, can be publicly acknowledged through WES.”

She added: “The accredited properties are diverse, both in location and the sectors they are involved in.

“However, they have all demonstrated a common approach to best practice and provide a broad range of information, including species data and conservation projects, which helps to provide significant insight on what is working well and where our collective conservation efforts need to be targeted.”

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Growing a sweet and sustainable success with Lidl strawberries

Nothing tastes like summer like a punnet of fresh strawberries, and in Scotland we produce the best in the world.

Fruit growers are thankful for the “goldilocks” weather – it’s just right – that makes for perfect growing conditions with longer hours of sunshine and cool breezes so the sugars have time to build up slowly as the fruit ripens.

In Lidl, the strawberries come from the beautiful Fife coast where Andrew Todd and his family have been farming for decades. “It’s mum, dad, brother and myself – a real family business,” says Andrew.

“Mum and dad came over from Northern Ireland 30 years ago and bought this farm where there were five acres of raspberries and five acres of strawberries, all outdoors at that stage, which they had to pick – and they loved it.”

Today the farm also has polytunnels and they have invested in a renewable biomass boiler for heat, extending the growing season from April to mid-November.

Each strawberry is hand-picked directly into the punnets by expert pickers, taking care not to bruise the delicate fruit.

“A lot of care has gone into the process, the pickers are trained not to touch the strawberry at all, they take it by the stalk and gently place it into the punnet. Attention to detail is crucial,” explains Andrew.

All the strawberries are hand-picked

Winners of the Fresh Produce Retailer of the Year in the Retail Industry Awards 2021, Lidl are proud of the close relationship they have with their farmers and growers, building better partnerships based on shared values – including having as low an impact on the planet as possible.

By 2023, all Lidl non-organic British fruit and veg farms will be LEAF Marque certified, meaning a commitment to increase the environmental standards of its fresh produce range.

Lidl is also investing £15billion into British food, farming and production over the next five years and 60 per cent of Lidl’s products are sourced from British suppliers.

Sustainability is also very important to farmer Andrew.

“We’re always looking at ways of improving, and are investing in renewables. It’s been good working with Lidl because we’re cutting out food miles, with the depot only an hour down the road. We’re recycling all the plastic and all our punnets are 100 per cent recyclable. It’s a key part of our business.”

Eton Mess Strawberry Scones

Eton Mess Strawberry Scones


For the Eton Mess (serves 6)

1 punnet strawberries

300 ml double cream

3 meringue nests (crushed into small chunks)

To serve

6 scones

strawberry jam

Method :This hybrid dessert combines two iconic British food traditions, Eton mess and jammy scones, into one delicious teatime treat that everyone will love.

But whether you assemble them jam or cream first, well, we’ll leave that one up to you …

1. Hull the strawberries and dice into small chunks.

2. Whip the rich cream, using either a hand whisk or stand mixer, until stiff. Gently fold through two thirds of the strawberries and all the meringue for some crunch, mixing until well combined.

3. To assemble, slice the scones in half and spread with a thick layer of strawberry jam for a bit of stickiness. Divide the cream mixture between the scones and sprinkle over the remaining strawberries for a bit of bite. Top with the scone ‘lid’ and serve immediately.

Former Scotland women’s manager Vera Pauw reveals she was raped by ‘prominent football official’

Pauw, who managed the Scotland women’s team between 1998 and 2004, has now reported the rape and sexual assaults to the Dutch police.

Vera Pauw has revealed she was raped by a "prominent football official"
Vera Pauw has revealed she was raped by a “prominent football official” (Image: Oisin Keniry/Getty Image)

Vera Pauw, the former Scotland women’s team manager, has revealed she was raped by a “prominent football official” while she was a young player.

Pauw shared a heartbreaking statement after she failed to receive a satisfactory response from the Dutch FA on her fifth report to them regarding the sex attack.

The 59-year-old, from Amsterdam, reported a further two sexual assaults by two men also employed within Dutch football.

Pauw, who managed the Scotland women’s team between 1998 and 2004, has now reported the rape and sexual assaults to the Dutch police.

Former defender Pauw said she could no longer keep quiet regarding the “systematic sexual abuse, abuse of power, bullying, intimidation, isolation and framing” she was exposed to as a player and national coach in Dutch football.

Penning an emotional statement on social media, Pauw wrote: “For 35 years I have kept a secret from the world, from my family, from my team-mates, my players, my colleagues and, I can now accept, from myself.

“Even those closest to me have not yet known of the rape I endured at the hands of a prominent football official when I was a young player. Later two sexual assaults by two other men were added to this record.

Vera Pauw released a statement on social media
Vera Pauw released a statement on social media (Image: REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne)

“All three men were employed within Dutch football at the time of these incidents. Only those I can trust have known until now of the systematic sexual abuse, abuse of power, bullying, intimidation, isolation and framing I was exposed to as a player and as a national coach in Dutch football.

“For these past 35 years I have kept the abuse private. I have allowed the memory of it to control my life, to fill me with daily pain and anguish, to dominate my inner feelings.

“To many I am seen as a brash and loud football coach and manager, a tough woman who has risen to the top in a man’s world. Nothing could be further form the truth.

“For the past number of years I have tried to have my case heard in a fair and just manner by the football authorities in the Netherlands but to no avail. Some people would rather keep my rape and sexual assaults quiet than offer me the support I need by opening this story to the world.

“I can no longer share the silence. After failing to get a satisfactory response to my request for action on an investigation initiated my the Dutch FA following my fifth report to them, I recently reported my rape and sexual assaults to the Dutch police.

“That already feels like the beginning of the end for me but now I know there will be more heartache to come. Stories may appear in the Dutchy media of my horrific ordeal and I know claims may be made against me in an attempt tarnish my story.

“I take full responsibility for what I did and what I failed to do. Trust me, my story is very real and very true.

“I know going public is going to throw the spotlight on my life in a manner I have never experienced before but I also hope that other young footballers and coaches who were exposed to anything like the rape and abuse I suffered will now feel brave enough to come forward and share their stories.

Vera Pauw managed the Scotland women's team between 1998 and 2004
Vera Pauw managed the Scotland women’s team between 1998 and 2004 (Image: Getty Images)

“This will not be an easy time for me and for my family but and for now I ask you all to respect what is left of my privacy. Finally, I would like to thank my Irish backroom staff and my players, the FAI’s management and board, all my FAI colleagues and the Ireland fans for the support they have shown me as manager of the Ireland team.

“I have always felt safe and continue to feel safe and supported in Ireland and I cannot tell you how good that feels. I hope that support will continue in Ireland for me now that I have shared my story and my pain.

“This is who I am , I don’t have to hide any more. I hope I can continue my life in freedom.”

The current Irish women’s national team manager was previously married to ex-Rangers assistant manager Bert van Lingen.

The Irish FA released a statement tonight giving their full support to Pauw at “this difficult time”.

They said: “The Football Association of Ireland has given its full support to Republic of Ireland Women’s Senior Team Manager Vera Pauw at this difficult time in her life as she makes very brave revelations about her past.


  • OAP ‘beaten up and stabbed’ in own home
  • Dad takes autistic son on tour of Govan
  • Margaret Brennan was left without her suitcase in London after baggage issues at Edinburgh Airport
    £3k luggage goes missing at airport
  • Former pupils of Gordonstoun School in Moray say they were abused by teachers
    Ex pupil says teacher ‘raped her’

“Vera has engaged on this matter with the Association’s senior leaders for some time now and the FAI has offered her all the backing she may need on a personal and professional level.

“The FAI is absolutely aware of the impact these revelations will have on Vera’s well-being and have assured her of the ongoing full support of the FAI Board and all her colleagues at the Association.

“The FAI will be making no further comment on this matter and asks the media to respect Vera’s privacy at this very difficult time.”

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Scots waitress slammed for biting cop while ‘ludicrously’ drunk after 19th birthday bash

A waitress was slammed by a sheriff for getting “ludicrously” drunk celebrating her 19th birthday and biting a police officer on the arm. Alicja Kosno left the constable with a bloody wound after sinking her teeth into him while being arrested, a court heard.

Kosno, who was taken to hospital where she continued to shout and scream, was described as finding the whole incident “extremely funny”. Appearing on her 20th birthday at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Friday, Kosno represented herself during the hearing.

After pleading guilty, she truculently denied the bite could’ve caused a bleeding injury. Sheriff Grant McCulloch said he could understand from her “demeanour” how she’d behaved after being detained by cops.

Kosno represented herself in court.
Kosno represented herself in court.

The sheriff added: “You appear to find the whole thing funny now.” Fiscal depute Gillian Koren said officers on patrol stopped at a disturbance on Greenside Place in the city centre at around 1am on July 2 last year.

Ms Koren said Kosno was “struggling” with her mother and two pals who were trying to get her into the back of a vehicle. The court heard Kosno’s mum told the officers her daughter had been celebrating her birthday and was “very intoxicated”.

Ms Koren said Kosno “lay on the pavement and appeared to be having trouble breathing” so an ambulance was called. The prosecutor said Kosno “made a miraculous recovery” 30 seconds before the ambulance arrived and refused to be checked over by medics.

Kosno began kicking out at PC Lewis Hardie, making contact with his legs, and she was arrested at 1.30am. Ms Koren said Kosno bit Pc Hardie on the forearm as officers attempted to handcuff her and “blood was drawn”.

The biting incident took place in Greenside Place.
The biting incident took place in Greenside Place.

The court was told Kosno was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where she continued “shouting and screaming” at police and hospital staff. Ms Koren said: “Throughout the hours the accused appeared to find the whole thing extremely funny.”

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She added Kosno “laughed in the face of officers when given the chance to apologise”. The court heard PC Hardie was given a hepatitis B injection and antibiotics, but suffered side effects from the treatment which caused him to be off sick from work for six days.

During the hearing, Kosno said she accepted “98 per cent” of the Crown’s account, adding: “I got really drunk and can barely remember the night.” Kosno, of Blackburn, West Lothian, pled guilty to kicking and biting PC Hardie and threatening or abusive behaviour.

Kosno denied drawing blood with the bite.
Kosno denied drawing blood with the bite.

But she denied the bite could’ve drawn blood, claiming her mother had put a finger in front of her mouth during the incident. Sheriff McCulloch told her: “You behaviour was outrageous, birthday or not. You were ludicrously drunk.”

The sheriff, who was unimpressed by Kosno’s “demeanour” in the dock, ordered a proof of mitigation on the level of injury she inflicted. Sheriff McCulloch said she could call her own witnesses at the hearing next month.

Works on Glasgow M8 extended as average speed cameras remain

Major bridge works have been taking place on a section of the busy motorway between Cardonald and Braehead since March 15.

These were due to finish on June 30, but it has been revealed these will now be completed by July 4.

A 40mph speed limit has been in place for months, with average speed cameras in operation.

Amey, completing the work on behalf of Transport Scotland as part of the Network Management Contract for the South-West Trunk Road Unit, provided an update.

It read: “A full eastbound closure will be required overnight (10pm-6am) on Saturday, July 2, 2022, between Junctions 26 and 24 with off-side and adjacent lane closures required on the westbound carriageway.

“This will allow for the removal of TVRS, reinstatement of permanent road markings on the eastbound carriageway, and removal of two-speed cameras.

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“On Sunday, July 3, 2022, a full westbound closure will be required overnight (10pm – 6am) between Junctions 24 and 26 to allow for the removal of narrow lane markings, the removal of three-speed cameras, and gantry maintenance.

“This route will be fully operational and open as normal by 6am on Monday, July 4, 2022.”



SNP Councillor Will Mylet told to ‘watch his language’

An SNP councillor was warned to watch his language after he accused political rivals of “wanting to kill people” during a debate on independence.

Will Mylet was scolded by Provost Lorraine Cameron after a lengthy rant in which he claimed the Labour and Conservative parties were “more than happy” to plough cash into nuclear weapons and have “the ability to commit genocide.”


Harry Styles prom date teenager ‘knew it wasn’t real’ as Roman Kemp hoax revealed

The Lanarkshire schoolgirl said it was all a bit of fun after it emerged that Capital London DJ and TV host Roman Kemp was the real voice behind the fake Harry that accepted her invitation to the school dance.

A radio show pranked listeners when it claimed Harry Styles would be a schoolgirl’s prom date.


Lanarkshire schoolgirl Anna Carty contacted DJ Katy J at Capital FM explaining she needed a bit of help finding a partner for the do this week.

And when she played a message seemingly from the 28-year-old superstar accepting her invitation to attend the dance, the teenager appeared to be thrilled, the Sunday Mail reports.

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On air Katy J told the schoolgirl: “We tried our best to work some magic behind the scene and we do have a message from Harry Styles for you if you’d like to hear it?”

She then played a voice that sounded like Harry’s saying he’d love to be there while he’s in town for his sell-out Glasgow show.

It said: “Anna, how’s it going? It’s Harry Styles here – hello. Look, Katy J passed on your invite to the prom and I’m sure it’ll be a good Scottish party.

“I’d love to be there, so just send me the details and I’ll see what I can do. See you soon.”

Two Renfrewshire teenagers reach Miss Scotland final

A PAIR of Renfrewshire teenagers who have made it to the final of the Miss Scotland contest are hoping to prove their talents stretch far beyond the catwalk.

Murrin Duggan, who lives in Dargavel Village, Bishopton, and Lauren McCondichie, from Erskine, are two of 11 hopefuls aiming to win the title on July 29.

Both of the 19-year-olds will take part in challenges during the run-up to the final, which includes supporting a cause close to their hearts.

Murrin, who is studying social policy at the University of Glasgow, has selected Homeless Project Scotland as her chosen charity.

She told The Gazette: “I thought that applying for Miss Scotland would build my own confidence and obviously it would be great to represent this country.

“It is also basically a platform to help charities and I wanted to support Homeless Project Scotland, as the pandemic highlighted to me how bad homelessness is here.

“I’m excited to start the challenges and meet up with the other finalists again, as I met them during the interview process and they’re all lovely.”

Meanwhile, Lauren’s chosen charity will be CLAPA (The Cleft Lip And Pallet Association) as her gran was born with a cleft pallet.

The Gazette: Lauren McCondichieLauren McCondichie

The former Park Mains High pupil, who is studying interior design at the Glasgow School of Art, said: “My gran’s mum was offered very little help and often would have to pay for services.

“CLAPA help to provide feeding supplies to babies born with a cleft free of charge.”

Both Murrin and Lauren have also been inspired by the work of Claudia Todd, who currently holds the Miss Scotland title.

Lauren, who works as a swimming teacher for leisure organisation OneRen, said: “I can’t believe I have got this far in the competition, I was in complete shock when I was told the amazing news.

“I have always loved to watch the finalists go through their Miss Scotland journey from a young age.

The Gazette: Claudia ToddClaudia Todd

“Watching Claudia last year complete her challenges and get involved with her charity encouraged me to believe that I could also do it.”

Murrin added: “I’ve never done anything like this before but I just thought I’d try something new this year.

“Claudia has raised so much money for the UK Sepsis Trust while also representing Scotland and being able to travel.”

The winner of the Miss Scotland title will go on to take part in the Miss World event, to be held in Puerto Rico in December.


Paisley’s popular Sma’ Shot Day celebrations set to return

PAISLEY’S popular Sma’ Shot Day celebrations are set to return with a day-long programme of spectacular entertainment in the town centre.

The event, which is one of the world’s oldest workers’ festivals, will take place on Saturday, July 2, and will see the return of the traditional parade and Burning of the Cork, live performances, workshops, family entertainment and much more.

The Sma’ Shot parade will leave from Brodie Park at noon, led by sound of the Charleston Drum, before making its way through Paisley town centre and finishing at Abbey Close.