Beware the latest Netflix con, warns Rab McNeil

The latest scary spam doing the rounds says your Netflix subscription has failed, and that billing details associated with your account may have expired “or was otherwise changed”. Hmm, not sure about the grammar there, but it looks all official like. Uh-oh, wait a minute, the message is headed as coming from … “Netlix”. Sloppy.

Jackals are heading towards Britain, in a massive land invasion that has seen them appear already in France, Norway and Austria. Like smaller versions of the vicious, wicked-faced Wargs in the Holy Bible – sorry, Lord of the Rings – they attack people, cattle anything. Still, not to worry.

Low blow

Sales of low-alcohol drinks have soared and are set to suck joy from many Christmas dinner tables this year. The Grocer magazine says Gordon’s 0.0 gin made sales of £5.58m in its first year. However, top topers say this is because the bottle looks like the proper one, suggesting many of these sales are accidental.

Thinking big

As is the case every week, scientists could be on the brink of understanding the Big Bang. A massive space observatory is being blootered into ooter space with the aim of looking back in time to … the beginning. Let’s hope it doesn’t all end in tears, with the discovery of the Big Damp Squib.

Cape fear

Superheroes face a miserable old age, Spiderman through lack of sleep, the Hulk with heart problems caused by rage, Iron Man through heavy drinking. That’s before we consider injuries incurred in action. The University of Queensland study also noted deafness caused by explosions. Don’t be a superhero, folks. Step away from the cape.

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